PBS Freedom Riders Documentary

Who were the Freedom Riders?  Why is this bus in flames?  What happened?

The Freedom Riders were a group of college students ranging from 18 to 22 years of age.  The students attended Fisk University and Tennessee State University located in Nashville, TN.  They were trained in the practice of non-violent protest.

The image above shows only a glimpse of the terrorism the students encountered as they traveled from Nashville to Alabama in a Greyhound bus.  Although Blacks paid full fare for travel,  in 1961 they were still restricted from using the same facilities as Whites while traveling interstate.

The story of their journey is one which includes President J.F. Kennedy; Attorney General, Robert Kennedy; Alabama Governor, John Patterson; U.S. Congressman, John Lewis, Rev. C.T. Vivian, Dr. Bernard LaFayette and many more.

Most of the Freedom Riders and players involved during the protests are still alive and well.  You will be surprised to learn who they are.

Watch the video here.   http://video.pbs.org/video/1925571160


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