“This Is Not a Post Racist Era” by Elisabeth Omilami – Hosea Feed the Hungry & Homeless

November 24, 2014
Official Statement of Mrs. Elisabeth Omilami
Chief Executive Officer of Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless
Award Winning Actress and Daughter of Hosea Williams – Civil Rights Icon 
“I am sorry to say to our children and our young people that this is not new. Racism in Ferguson, Missouri is deeply embedded and that is not the only city in America. I AM NOT SURPRISED AND MY HEART IS BROKEN.  We need to wake up and realize, that this is not the post racism era, that there never was a war on poverty. This kind of racism I believe cannot be legislated, it has to be a heart change.  We must remain non-violent in our protesting, but we must continue to protest. I will soon join you in our fight for equality.The young black men and women who have been killed with no chance for justice are our sons, our brothers, our sisters, or our daughters. This country is steeped in this stronghold, but we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Whenever there was a victory in the Civil Rights movement blood was shed. Sacrifice was made and my Father, Hosea Williams, often led the charge that caused great decisions to be made into law. We must learn from this. We have gotten too comfortable in this country.  To comfortable with this parody of “Democracy”. We must wake up!

Self-defense is often used as an excuse to take the lives of our children. We must address institutional racism in order to move forward in this country. We need to stop pretending this is a Fairyland and see the real truth about America. ”

Elizabeth Omilami
CEO of Hosea Feed The Hungry & Homeless
Mrs. Elisabeth Omilami is available for media interviews.
Contact: Ebony@epimediagroup.com 


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