“Thought the Movement Died, Did You?”


By: M. Kita WilliamsTree Roots

Thought the Movement died, did you?

I can’t say that I’m surprised

I remember when you sprinkled crystals through our streets

to glass over our piercing eyes

I even bopped to the young men from Compton

angry and powerful, plus the beat was hoppin

“AK’s, bling, drugs, niggas, and hoes….”

Polluting the originators of literature and prose

Seemed like it was working didn’t it?

“They’ll never know…dumb black idiots”

But for every single AK, crack pipe, and rhyme

There’s a Morehouse, a Hampton, Fisk, and Lincoln Lion!

For every prop made to incite fear of the Black man

there’s a trace to what’s gripping in “their cold, dead hands”

Are guns manufactured in Detroit or LA?

Or are they devised in D.C. by the NRA?

Thought the Movement died, did you?

Mothers and fathers have now shed the tears

which our ancestors awaited for over 400 years

the roots of their souls have blossomed anew

Sit back and watch what these joined spirits do

Our young men and women breathe a new furious fire

quite frankly because they are sick and they’re tired

of the falsehood in schoolbooks

the impunity of lives took

the ignorance pumped about how they look

and they are ready

they are willing

and they are able

THEY are why….

The Movement never dies!


3 thoughts on ““Thought the Movement Died, Did You?”

  1. This is a magnificent poem, very powerful veryhopeful that there are contemporaries out here that aren’t settled on the status quo. Thie is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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