Suge Knight Collapses Upon $25M Bail Announcement – Gangsta Life Doesn’t Pay

Suge Knight is living proof that the gangsta glitter and glam which glorifies violence and crime, does not pay.  (See video below of Knight, after falling out in the courtroom the other day. Details about his murder trial are included.)

The REAL ganstas out here don’t record and broadcast their messages.

REAL gangstas control what lyrics get played and paid.. by the millions.

REAL ganstas are using $25 million as chump change to lobby Congress for more prisons to build and more guns on the street.

REAL gangstas aren’t getting hauled into the prisons they build because their buddies, which are members of our political system, are so corrupt…that their cases get yanked before a file is even created.

WAKE UP YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN FROM THIS GANGSTA CRAP TRAP!  It’s nothing but sugary bait that hooks real people, particularly those of color, into prison…which the real gangstas are getting paid BILLIONS for.


By: M. Kita Williams

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