Texas Proves Dr. King’s Economic Justice Strategy Works!

When witnessing the TREMENDOUS SUCCESS resulting from the POWER of POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC UNITY which brought injustice to its knees in McKinney, TX after the infamous, and racially charged pool party police violence, many gasped and said, “My God…THIS is exactly what Dr. King told us to do before he was assassinated!”  Please see the videos above and below.

Don’t let the humble semantics fool you…Dr. King’s plans for the “Poor People’s Campaign” was girded with the might of the African American dollar COMBINED with non-violent protests.  He planned on implementing the campaign in the summer of 1968.

During his final speech in Memphis, TN on April 3, 1968, Dr. King laid out the strategy and methodology in which to gain true political and economic power in the Black community.  Just ONE DAY AFTER he publicly laid out this economic justice strategy, Dr. King was assassinated.

Deep, right?

Thanks to technology, we can refer back to this mighty plan as often as needed.  In the case of McKinney, TX, we can literally see how this combination of political pressure along with the threat of economic withdrawal from Bank of America – which contracts with CoreLogic, Inc. (the company which employs Tracey Allbritton, the woman caught on video beating a teenager) to screen their lenders and customers, suddenly caused justice to be delivered SWIFTLY.

In the literal wakes of the nine peaceful Bible study members of the Emanuel AME Church, murdered in cold blood at the hands controlled by the evils of racism, many of us are tired of this.  Many of us are frustrated.  Millions of us are outraged. We must prove to all, those lives were not taken in vain.  Constructively and collectively, WE CAN WIN!

If its hard to listen to anyone else, PLEASE LISTEN TO DR. KING AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN!   Dr. King’s teachings NEVER get old, because injustice and oppression don’t either.  The reason why people comment that they feel goosebumps when listening to Dr. King speeches for the first time…and why the millions of us who still get goosebumps when we hear King’s speeches, although we may have listened to them dozens of times is because there’s a special “connection” one cannot deny.  That “connection” is what Dr. King has…the spoken universal truths of what some call, God.  Dr. King spoke of these truths with eloquence, passion, and power.  The kind of power that man on his own can’t produce.  

The victory in Texas has set a wonderful example here.

These times have come for a reason.  WE are the mighty foot soldiers of today’s Civil Rights Movement.  

You see, the Movement never really died in the first place.  Many of us have been simply lulled to sleep for some time.  

However, this exposure of the twisted American criminal justice system which disproportionately abuses, kills, and systemically incarcerates people of color has opened all of our eyes.

As some would say, “MONEY TALKS, BS WALKS.”

A united front of African Americans with approximately $1 TRILLION DOLLARS IN SPENDING POWER reported for 2015 alone STRIKES A MIGHTY BLOW!   IT’S TIME TO UNITE AND HARNESS THAT POWER.

It’s already started, its up to us to finish it.

“…I ask you to follow through here….we’ve got to see it through…”  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – April 3, 1968



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