“Get out of MY Country” Says Ignorant Trump Supporter and/or Staffer

“Get out of my country”…says ignorant Trump supporter or staffer to famous reporter Jorge Ramos.

WHOEVER YOU ARE “MR. IGNORANT MY COUNTRY”, If you had any education whatsoever, you would know that many Mexicans are actually Native Americans and descendants thereof. Therefore, THIS IS THEIR COUNTRY. The Mexican border is only a line in the sand drawn by Europeans on the United Sates map DIRECTLY ATTACHED TO TEXAS, “NEW” MEXICO, ARIZONA, AND CALIFORNIA.

“Mr. Ignorant My Country”, I suggest that you channel your intense energy into figuring out where you’re people came from so that you can find “your country” origins.  Unlike Mr. Ramos, your skin is an immediate giveaway that your people DID NOT COME FROM HERE. Find some time to shut your mouth which spews ignorance, and use that opportunity to learn something.

And people wonder why Civil Rights Activists are still born everyday.

M. Kita Williams



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