UPDATE: Fatality Reported – Texas Southern University’s Third Shooting in 2 Months

Earlier today, we reported in real time the status of a shooting which took place at the Tierwester Oaks campus apartments, which is located on the campus of Texas Southern University.  Around noon today, ABC 13 of Houston, TX reported that two people had been shot on the property and were being treated at a local hospital.  The gunman was on the loose.

Since, we have learned that one of the victims, an 18-year old freshman has died. Another person is injured.  ABC 13 reported 40 minutes ago that, ” Houston police say two suspects are in custody and they are looking for a third person… Investigators say an argument of some sort led three men to shoot two others. The two were shot in the 3500 block of Blodgett Street at Tierwester around 11:30am. The shooting happened at the Tierwester Oaks section of the University Courtyard apartment complex.”

The Tierwester Oaks section of TSU’s Courtyard Apartment Complex houses primarily freshman students.  Since the students began the semester at the end of August, they have now seen three shootings.

The first occurred on August 27th. Police said that a man and woman were both injured when, “a man started shooting in a parking lot.”

Then on this past Tuesday evening, a man was shot after a campus event held at the University Museum called the “Poetry Slam”.   Campus sources stated that the altercation between two men began with, “words over shoes” which turned violent, ending with one young man shot twice in the stomach.  Spokespersons of TSU reported that neither of the men attended the school.  That gunman was also reported as on the run.  Since, that suspect has been identified as Darion Scott from the Bay Area of California. Sources say that Scott actually participated in the poetry slam prior to the shooting and was previously enrolled at TSU, however is not currently a registered student.

TSU President John Rudley said, “We’re here to educate students. We really are. That’s our primary goal. Now we’re going to have to wake up and be more concerned by safety. Beef up our safety and work in conjunction with HPD more.”

By: M. K. Williams – civilrightsagenda.com

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