Still Searching for Him! The Anonymous Montgomery Hero – WE NEED YOU!


As I was working on something in my home near S. Court Street in Montgomery, AL,  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A bull horn projected a powerful young man’s voice.

My jaw dropped as I heard the most ground shaking message my ears have been privy to south of Fairview Ave., at least since I’ve been here.

“Put the guns down and fight like a man! … BE A REAL MAN AND PUT THE GUNS DOWN!”

I rushed from window to window to see where and WHO this lyrical Westside superhero was.

His voice was street-hard, but one could easily tell that this was no wannabe baller.  This man right here was what you call a real gangster.  One who is bold enough to defy the system and speak truth to power.

What system?

The American system of institutional racism. The same system which was created in the…

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