Still Searching for Him! The Anonymous Montgomery Hero – WE NEED YOU!

As I was working on something in my home near S. Court Street in Montgomery, AL,  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A bull horn projected a powerful young man’s voice.

My jaw dropped as I heard the most ground shaking message my ears have been privy to south of Fairview Ave., at least since I’ve been here.

“Put the guns down and fight like a man! … BE A REAL MAN AND PUT THE GUNS DOWN!”

I rushed from window to window to see where and WHO this lyrical Westside superhero was.

His voice was street-hard, but one could easily tell that this was no wannabe baller.  This man right here was what you call a real gangster.  One who is bold enough to defy the system and speak truth to power.

What system?

The American system of institutional racism. The same system which was created in the 1700’s based on white supremacy, so that only whites could get rich while the country was being built on the backs of African slaves.  (And to this day, NOTHING has been done to REPAY, REPAIR, OR RESTORE what Black people have been through, and continue to suffer from resulting from slavery to Jim Crow, to now.)

That system continues to this day, except slavery now is called prison. 77% of all males sentenced to prison are men of color! Yes, you read that right.

So imagine, there’s a room filled with 100 men. About 60 are Black, 17 are Hispanic, Middle Eastern or Asian, and only 23 are white.

Now, when you take into consideration that there are at least 3 times as many white people in America than Blacks, Hispanics, etc., … what does that tell you? The system is still very much alive.

Yes, it is THAT system which glorifies Black men in the media through gangsta rap, etc.  as nothing more than common criminals who are so stupid that they would risk their lives into slavery … all for some cash, bling, and guns.

This is what our kids listen to everyday.  Their brains are so bombarded with it in the media, at 5 years old they can repeat these destructive lyrics VERBATIM.

But this powerful Black man who road through the west side of Montgomery knows the real game … and apparently is beating them at their own table!

I wasn’t able to see who or where he was. Days passed and I asked neighbors if they too heard this much-needed Westside messenger.  Some did, but like I, didn’t get a glimpse.

Now about 3 weeks have passed. I still do not know who our Westside truth-to-power-hero is.

If anyone knows who this man is, PLEASE inbox me at  This powerful young man needs to not only be shown all due respect, but also thanked and interviewed!

Thank you FB Fam!

M. Kita Williams



To Those Who Think Louis Farrakhan Preaches Hate….


To those who think that Louis Farrakhan preaches hate, he does not.  Let me make that clear first.


A friend of mine recently questioned why I didn’t feel that Louis Farrakhan was a racist.  This is someone whom I have not known very long, however I have spent enough time with them for them to know that I am passionate about the civil and human rights of ALL PEOPLE, not just Black people.  I will not shy from saying that I can relate to the violations of civil rights against Blacks more so than someone who themselves are not Black.

This question was posed to me by an African American, Christian brother who attended a PWI and has a very different background than I.  It marked the second time he asked me the question.  It dawned on me that if someone who has had the opportunity to get to know me is still confused by my answer, then it probably puts all kinds of question marks in the minds of others who only know me via social media.

To the brother’s question, in which he took the time to read a definition of racism as a concept consisting of. “… the superiority of one race over another….the preaching of division and separation of the races….” and a few more things that I can’t recall – my answer was no.

I do not consider Louis Farrakhan to be a racist.  I consider Louis Farrakhan to be one of the most effective leaders and orators of our time.

I am an African-American, Christian woman and mother – blessed with a college education from not one, but two of this nation’s finest Universities:  Fisk University and Lincoln University.  At the time of my birth, the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Malcolm X were still vivid, recent memories to every adult around me.

Like many others, my grandmother’s house prominently displayed 8×10 portraits of three men who were not related to us:  John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jesus Christ.  Of course Kennedy and King were featured in duplicates of actual photographs, so their images were etched in my memory from childhood.  The picture of Jesus was artistically drawn.  He was a white, angelic looking man with blond hair and blue eyes.  This was also impressed upon my memory from childhood.  It really didn’t matter to me back then because our historic Methodist Church in West Philadelphia had a completely Black congregation.  Even in Church, the same images of Jesus were there.  I never questioned the color of Jesus because by the age of two I learned that, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…”      Jesus’ love was the fluid of life from my grandparents and parents.  We all knew that Jesus loved us and that we loved him.  I still know this with all my mind, heart and soul.

However, what I learned over the years that I didn’t know then is that Jesus was far from White with blond hair and blue eyes.    I didn’t learn this from Louis Farrakhan either, although he has certainly taught thousands of people the same.  I simply read the Bible and started asking questions. Sure enough, my parents were already abreast on the topic and talked with me about it.  Later in life I posed the same question to theologians having direct origins from Europe to Africa, and they too believed that Jesus could not have been as he is depicted in America, because firstly, the Bible describes him as having hair as lamb’s wool and bronzed feet.  They also pointed out that people of the region and time in which Jesus lived were rarely if ever described with features of the American version of Jesus. Then, when you combine that with the scientific evolutionary facts that, to this day cannot be refuted, and is also proven in the very strings of our own DNA which span across the globe and links all of us back to the remains of “the original humans” on earth, found in Africa…its a wrap.

Did that make me love Jesus any less?  Of course not.  Did it make me question why the dominant images of Jesus Christ and all that was/is described as “good” in America was White?  Yes.  Did I begin to understand why Black people talked about light skin sometimes more favorably than dark skin;  “good” long hair more desirable than “nappy” hair?  Actually, I had no choice but to learn the truth behind these mental contortions because of my beautifully Christian, loving mother who – like my Dad was (and she still is) a civil rights advocate.  (They pursued their law degrees for this purpose, by the way.)  My mother is light skinned with straight hair.  As a child I said something like I wished my hair was as straight and as “good” as hers.  With her gentle spirit, she sternly told me flat out that, “there is no such thing as good hair”.  At the age of 5 or 6, I proceeded to absorb a history lesson that I will never forget.  Lighter skin never means better, straighter hair never is “good”, and natural African hair is the last thing from “bad or nappy”.  She went on to explain how slavery basically screwed Black folks’ minds completely up.

Now, back to the issue of Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan:

I have followed the ministry AND MISSION of the Nation of Islam and Minister Louis Farrakhan for 30 years now.  Both have evolved, as we all do if we are blessed with years in which to do so.

I do recall a time when he made strong statements nearly 30 years ago about Jewish people.  STOP RIGHT HERE

Had any Black man EVER, prior to the remote controlled 1980’s of constantly live, network and cable TV, EVER spoken on LIVE TV openly and directly about the practices of a group of Jewish people in a derogatory manner?  I’m not even sure if any White man had ever done that prior to Farrakhan.

You have to keep in mind that this was prior to the internet and YouTube.  Had I only been able to see the small clips which were provided by the news like most of America did, without hearing the entire speeches or interviews – the view of those who immediately felt that he was an anti-Semite is not far fetched for me to understand.  But, I did hear his entire speeches and interviews because back then, people in the Black community had sense enough to purchase cassettes of speeches (prior to the internet, how did your families listen to Dr. King’s speeches?  More than likely from a vinyl record, an audio or video tape.)  Farrakhan’s core messages were deleted from mass media exposure.  Then…BOOM, immediately Farrakhan was labeled by the media as an anti-Semite and one who “was inciting White hate” on national television.

Minister Farrakhan is what I call “an equal opportunity slayer”, meaning one who speaks truth to power to and about anyone or any group.  I have never heard Louis Farrakhan say that all White People, European people, Jewish people, etc. are bad or evil.  Neither have I ever heard Minister Farrakhan ever say that all Black people, Muslims or Christians are completely good.  On the contrary, Farrakhan has taught others for years that the Prophet Fard Muhammad, referenced as Elijah Muhammad’s (the founder of the Nation of Islam) teacher, looked like a White man.

One can clearly see from the history listed below by, that the religion of Islam is one which professes that there is One God.

“The Prophet was born in Mecca in August 570 AD. He was given the name Muhammad, which means, the praised one. When the Prophet was over thirty years of age, love of God began to possess him more and more. Revolting against the polytheism and the many vices of the people of Mecca, he chose regularly to meditate in a cave two or three miles away. When he was forty years of age he received his first revelation. In these, the first verses of the Qur’an (96:2- 6), he was commanded to proclaim the name of One God, Who has made man and sowed the seed of His own love and that of fellow man in his nature; and it was foretold that the world would be taught all kind of knowledge through the pen. These verses constitute an epitome of the Qur’an.”

Most people don’t realize that Islam / Muslims also believe that Moses, Buddha, and Jesus Christ indeed were sent from God, and refer to the Torah and Bible often. (See

Farrakhan recently talked about Jews, to a Jewish rabbi who attended one of his press conferences in Rosemont, IL.  You should watch it.   The point he made was: Of course not all Jews are bad, just as not all Christians or Muslims are bad. However, there are those in every faction which abuse their influence and control.  He talked about the basic sins of the flesh that all humankind are guilty of:  Greed, Power, Dishonesty, Lust, Sloth, Envy, and immoral behavior period.

Interestingly, what Farrakhan discussed with the Rabbi was that Jewish people in America, although a minority, are the most powerful group of people who have control of the entertainment industry.  A majority of film production, television production and music production behemoths are owned and/or controlled by Jewish people.  What Farrakhan also stated was, just like it is wrong for Christians and Muslims to sit idly by and watch other Christians or Muslims do harm to others, the same rule applies to Jewish people.   Again, BOOM….in the news Farrakhan is racist…an anti-Semite…is preaching White hate.  (Hmmm….interesting parallel isn’t it?  The media is predominantly owned and/or controlled by Jewish people)

As one who studied the media very recently at Lincoln University, I have confirmed that it is true that the majority of the largest media companies are owned and /or controlled by Jewish people.   Does this mean that I like Jewish people or dislike them more or less because of this fact?  No.  As Farrakhan describes far more brilliantly than I is this:  he who controls the media has the power to control minds.  I also firmly believe that this is true.

Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan is an African American born Black man, now 82 years young (although he still looks like he’s in his 50’s).  The man is absolutely brilliant with an IQ probably hovering way past the genius mark.  He speaks several languages, is a proven scholar of many topics, and shook a fully composed symphony and theater to its feet just a couple of years ago after expertly playing a violin solo of Mozart or Beethoven, or one of the other greats.

Farrakhan converted to Islam in young adulthood and has seen, lived and studied the generational mental, physical, biological, institutional, and socioeconomic oppression and degeneration of African Americans – which are direct results from the enslavement of Africans/Blacks for 400 years in the “New World”, which includes the United States.  The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade by the way, was declared by the United Nations years ago as a “crime against humanity”, meaning that it merits reparations / the act of repairing the harm which was done – by the guilty nation(s).

Farrakhan is also a fiery, bold, outspoken, thought-provoking, fearless Black man.  He says what many Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Caribbean Americans, and many other cultural groups want to say, but haven’t the platform, voice, or courage to  say.  And if you take the time to listen to him fully, you’ll get it.  Furthermore, you will understand what “Justice or Else” really means.  It’s the fulfillment of Dr. King’s “Poor People’s Campaign”..


M. Kita Williams –