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Posted February 18, 2015

National Urban League
I am Empowered
The Digital Career Success Series are live online events with leading experts providing tips and resources on topics surrounding career development, job seeking, and professional growth.  See our upcoming events below and register today for this 2-part event!

Re-Thinking Mentorship

Part 1:  Leveraging Access

February 18th, 12:30PM EST
Join us for an interactive and lively conversation with Forbes contributor, Bert Gervais, The Mentor Guy.  Learn 3 strategies to create lasting mentor relationships that can fast-track your career.

Gain valuable insights from real-life stories and a live Q&A with power mentor, Alfred Edmond Jr. of Black Enterprise.

to register for Part 1

Part 2:  Connections that Power Your Career

March 4th, 2:30PM EST
We’re back for a deeper dive with real-life mentors, Patricia Cesaire, Host of OUR WORLD with Black Enterprise and Kevin Carr, CEO & Principal at PRO2CEO and Dr. Randal Pinkett, Chairman & CEO of BCT Partners and winner of NBC’s, The Apprentice.

Expand your knowledge and practice the skills from part 1 with our exciting panel of power mentors.

to register for Part 2

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