Reposted February 18, 2015
Let me clarify this post first, for I have many wonderful friends of all different cultural backgrounds. I don’t believe in demeaning or badgering ANY people of ANY culture, background or race. This is why I am a Civil Rights advocate. As a mattter of fact, many of my friends whom are OF COLOR AND WHITE are in their own rights Civil and Human Rights advocates who will stand up, speak up, and act against injustice.  With that said, My Fellow Americans……..

Slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow, “The New Jim Crow” (Alexander 2010), police brutality, disparate for-profit criminal justice systems, targeted glorification of immoral behavior by media giants, and I could go on and on. However, I know that if you’re taking the time to read this, you are not naive to the “built-in” or institutionalized racism which has plagued this country for far too long.AMERICA WAS COLONIZED AND “FOUNDED” BY NOTHING LESS THAN ACTS OF THE MOST HEINOUS, RUTHLESS CRIMES OF TERRORISM THAT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER ENDURED.Most of us have no idea that Thanksgiving has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SOME PEACEFUL DINNER BETWEEN NATIVE AMERICANS AND EUROPEAN SETTLERS. The first “Thanksgiving” was held in 1637 as a CELEBRATION OF AMERICAN SETTLERS’ MASSACRE OF 700 PEAQUOT NATIVE AMERICANS. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-greener/the-true-story-of-thanksg_b_788436.html

After MOST Native Americans were killed, raped, kicked off their own land, and plagued of European borne disease….they were enslaved. However, the Native Americans’ spiritual roots were so deeply cultivated in this land we now call America, they fought and would rather die than be enslaved.

Enters Africans…………The African people in the 17th Century never asked to come to America. They were lassoed and captured like hogs, and yes, some were betrayed by their own tribal members in exchange for the never-before-seen weapons of firepower as well as other goods (it certainly wasn’t money…for it was worthless there)….MILLIONS of Africans were shipped to America to be enslaved. Easily identifiable with rich pigmentation , much like Native Americans, THE CONCEPT OF WHITE SUPREMACY WAS CREATED. An “intellectual” reason was needed in order to perpetuate the STRAIGHT–UP theft, murder, greed, and WEALTH which America built on the labors of Africans, and stands on today.The days are over to tolerate nor entertain the, “that was then….we need to just move on…..its better now” crap. It’s obviously NOT BETTERNot until the leadership of America (as well as all of the other European nations which enslaved Africans) FIXES THIS MESS THAT ITS’ FOUNDERS CREATED BY HONORING WHAT THE UNITED NATION’S ALREADY DECREED YEARS AGO: THE TRANSATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE WAS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY….which simply means, those who have suffered the generational disparagement stemming from slavery are required, by the international laws agreed to by all participating nations of the United Nations, be restored by any means necessary by the United States and other European governments which became wealthy and powerful on the backs of slaves. This entails things like special laws of annuity….in regards to education, health, and yes…MONEY.Although it’s been thrift, Native Americans received reparations, Japanese Americans received reparations http://www.civilrights.org/resources/features/018-civil-liberties-act.html … and there have been more. Yet, people hiss at the idea of doing the RIGHT THING for those Africans, whom are now gone, yet have millions of descendants who have suffered to this very day in the name of White institutionalized racism, designed to keep people of color in a second class citizen status. It’s time…it’s time….IT’S TIME!

Healing cannot and will not occur with the same-old-same-old rhetoric. Of course, dialogue is imperative, but in the words of Reverend Joseph Lowery, “Will words become deeds which meet needs?!”. This statement he made to every living United States president who attended the memorial service for Mrs. Coretta Scott King.

Desegregation was a battle, voting rights was and still is an ongoing war, and affirmative action has not leveled the playing fields between Blacks and Whites.

Blacks have never been given the respect of restoration, nor the recognition and dignity MERITED by a people who were enslaved, abused, murdered, raped, and disenfranchised in order to build the wealth and privilege of those who simply have skin a different shade than their own.

People in this country now honor Native Americans and their rich culture because they are legally declared, VIA U.S. ABIDING OF THE LAWS OF REPARATIONS, as a people who were viciously displaced from their own land, and therefore due not just apologies, land, money, etc., but a privileged status in the country.

Blacks must be honored as well. Will it change the hearts of racists? Probably not. But it will be the most progressive step forward that this country has ever made to truly begin to diffuse the generational anger, tension, and insecurities of the American people, Black, White, Brown and bleeding.


Your Advocate, Kita Black Williams

Silence = Violence

Silence = Violence

Texas Teen Faces Felony Charges for Using Restroom in School…with teacher’s permission


    1. Brenda Cherry
    2. Petition by

      Brenda Cherry

      Paris, TX

On Feb 2, Joquan Wallace, a student at Paris High School in Paris Texas, asked and got permission from his teacher to use the restroom. Joquan was profiled and followed by the school police officer Joey McCarthy. McCarthy peeped at Joquan under the bathroom stall and when Joquan was returning to class, McCarthy interrogated him as to why he wasn’t using the bathroom closer to his classroom. Joquan told him because he had to do number 2. Joquan had permission to go to the restroom. He was not breaking any school rule, nor was he committing a criminal act.
The incident ended in Joquan being assaulted and injured by both McCarthy and Paris High Principal Gary Preston. Both said they told Joquan to go to the office and he didn’t do what he was told. Both Preston and McCarthy claim they were hit when they were placing Joquan under arrest. Numerous witnesses say Joquan never hit anyone. Joquan ended up with two felony charges and a trip to the emergency room with visable injuries. Neither Preston nor McCarthy had any visable injuries according to Joquans parents. Joquan was a good student with no discipline problems. He had no prior arrests.
He excelled in sports and had won sports awards for the school. He was up for scholarships from numerous colleges. He was suspended from school. He will not be allowed to walk the stage to graduate with his class. He may not receive any college scholarships. People should support Joquan because its time to end the School to Prison Pipeline. A students future should not be destroyed over an incident that school officials
instigated. Hold School officials accountable for bad behavior. It can help prevent this from happening to other students.
To: Gary D. Young, Lamar County Attorney Paul Jones, Superintendent Paris Independent School District
Drop the felony charges against Joquan Wallace. Stop the School to Prison Pipeline at Paris Independent School District.

Sincerely, Please sign petition below

Petition | Drop felony charges against Joquan. Allow him to graduate with his sister at Paris High.Stop the school to prison pipeline. | Change.org.



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